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Event idea Ecuador

Event idea Ecuador

Inti Raymi “Sun Festival”

There are a number of very nice annual events that might attract your clients, one of them the famous Inti Raymi festival:

Inti Raymi “Sun Festival”

Inti Raymi is a folkloric festivity which takes place in Otavalo (a city in the north of Ecuador).

The festival's original name comes from the Kichwa language and was the Inca celebration of the northern solstice, that’s why it is also known as the “Sun Festival”. The event takes place at the end of June and is a great showcase for the richness of Inca traditions.

This festival aims to acknowledge “Pachamama”, the fertility of Mother Earth. It is also believed that there are times and an open space to meet with the spirits, known as Ayakuna. Dancing, eating certain food and special clothing are important factors to achieve this and will bring awareness to develop the presence of one’s personal spirit “Aya”. The character of the Aya Huma plays a key role in the Inti Raymi celebrations and is represented by a mask with two faces: one on the front and one on the back of the head. This mythological Andean figure stands for vision and wisdom. The Aya Huma’s role is to harmonize, heal, teach, and share; such a beautiful symbolism being brought to life during this celebration.

After an early breakfast in Quito, the group will start the day with a beautiful scenic drive through the Sierra highlands of the Andes region.

During the day your journey then connects with the spirit of the celebration in parades and festivities in Otavalo.

When visiting the community of Otavalo, you will find the Kichwas people in their colorful dresses with woolen shawls and additional accessories like ponchos, embroidered shirts and skirts, felt hats and beaded necklaces. They are famous for their weaving skills and the marvelous thing is that you can purchase most of their traditional accessories and clothing at the main market.

At the end of these unique celebrations, the group will be treated with delicious local delicacies, followed by lunch in a cozy restaurant before the group's return to Quito in the afternoon.

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